Radiesse - Semi Permanent Fillers

Radiesse® dermal filler is a new long lasting resorbable dermal filler that is setting a new standard for non-surgical facial contouring and the treatment of facial lines and wrinkles. It offers versatile contouring capabilities, an advanced mechanism of action, and superior longevity. It provides a soft, natural look that lasts, resulting in very high patient satisfaction.

It consists of tiny, smooth, calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a sodium carboxymethylcellulose gel carrier. Upon injection, it initially acts as a filler. It is easily malleable, can be used to shape and contour large areas of the face, and provides an immediate one-to-one correction for results patients can see right away.

Once injected, RADIESSE dermal filler starts the process we refer to as neocollagenesis, stimulating the steady, ongoing growth of the body's own collagen. In fact for many patients, the benefits of treatment with RADIESSE dermal filler last up to a year or more.

RADIESSE dermal filler is proven to be safe and effective, and long-lasting. It has received CE mark certification for plastic and reconstructive surgery, including soft tissue augmentation of the facial area, and vocal fold insufficiency. In the United States, it is FDA-approved for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds.