Buttock Augmentation (Implant)


Buttock augmentation with implants is an amazing operation and meant to gain a better curvature in the back area and accentuate the feminine look.

Areas Treated:



1.5 hours.


General Anesthesia is usually done, but occasionally an epidural anesthesia for the more relaxed and tolerating patients.


One or two nights in the hospital.

Possible Side Effects:

Pain, seroma (fluid collection), compression of the sciatic nerve, bleeding. All these are very rare.


Infection is the most feared complication because of the proximity to the anal opening. Proper hygiene and wound care before and after the surgery are the most important factors.


The patient usually returns to work and regular activity within one or two weeks. A pressure garment (gaine) is worn if it makes the patient more comfortable but not necessary. Sleeping on the back is not recommended in the first three weeks after the operation but not forbidden. Sitting properly straight up and avoid slouching are critical in the first three (3) weeks, and same for aggressive exercises.


This result has no time limit, with no need to change the implant.