Threadlift with HappyLift


Happy Lift has a unique patented line of sutures. Unlike conventional sutures which are smooth, all Happy LiftTM threads have tiny barbs (or cogs) with a special design in terms of their length, density and angling meant to carry our both a lifting and a revitalizing effect. Once inserted into the sub-dermis, the barbs gather the skin producing fibrosis necessary to provide new support scaffolding for the soft facial tissues, that lift and hold them in place. As a result, a refreshed look and a better facial contour are visible just immediately after the operation.

Areas Treated:

Face, neck, forehead, brows.


30-45 minutes.


Local anesthesia and intravenous sedation if the patient does not want to "see" the process.


This is an office procedure, minor surgery.

Possible Side Effects:

Temporary swelling, and occasional dimples are seen for one week max.


Risks and side effects are rare. Asymmetrical look, break in the thread, and loss of result are such issues but very rare.


The patient usually returns to work next day or the day after, occasionally in seven days and even sooner. The patient must limit more strenuous activities, avoid excessive grimacing and massaging the face for three weeks. One should limit sun exposure for several months to avoid hyperpigmentation of the treated areas which can occur as a result of sunlight exposure during the first 3 months after the procedure has been performed.


This procedure usually last for one and a half year.